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You have decided on a wedding date and now you need to announce to the world. You want to make a great impression so you will have to put some thought into the design and other elements related to invitations. With today's technology, you don't necessarily have to hire a graphic designer or a wedding invitation professional. But there is a road map that you will definitely want to follow in order to produce wedding invitations that you will be proud of and that will convey to your invited quests the kind of wedding that you are going to have. The fact that you are in the NYC area is great because you will have plenty of great support in finding and learning what you need to. Here are some tips that will help you in getting invitations that you will be happy with and that you won't mind pulling the trigger in getting them ordered, sealed and delivered.

Define what your wedding style is. What kind of event are you going to be having, is it going to be classic or elegant or modern? If you need help, check out wedding invitations online or the websites of stationers. Along with this, you will want to nail down your wedding colors and incorporate them into into the design of your invitation, escort cards, menu cards, and ceremony programs. With everything, keep readability in mind. In terms of shapes and sizes, even though the tradition rectangle shape is always available, many have ventured into the arena of unique shapes and sizes so don't think you are stuck if you want to be more creative.

Of course, the text that you place on your invitation is the real reason for putting this together. The basic rule you want to be mindful of is to avoid light ink on light backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds. Also, stay away from hard to read fonts like an overly scripted typeface. In terms of your wording, know the rules. For example, whoever is hosting should be listed first on the invitation. Also, spell everything out including the time of your ceremony. We recommend looking up rules of wedding invitations. Keep the information basic so as not to overcrowd your invitation.

Of course, price is always an issue. The price per invite can really vary. The cheapest is usually around $1 and the most expensive around $100. It all depends on how much is involved and how much you can afford. If you can afford it, have a professional calligrapher address the envelopes, it really looks classy. When you receive the proof, make sure that three independent sets of eyes check it over to make sure there are no problems. When ordering, make sure that you have accounted for the number of households on your guest list and order at least 25 extra just in case. Also, order all of your other printed needs at the same time, it will save you money. Put a stamp on the return envelopes. And one last check that will save you some grief. Weigh a sample invitation once you have everything put together to make sure that you are including the sufficient postage. We wish you well with the do it yourself invitations.

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